>O.K. Not really. But whenever I come on my computer with every intention of blogging and getting everyone caught up on my life or writing a review(that I promised someone, that I am now behind on), I go to check my Facebook account. Then 3 hours later, I am too tired to do anything else. It is not really Facebook’s fault, I need more hours in the day. It’s the sun’s fault!

I promised you a post on Pershing Square, however before I do that I have to tell you about the hair. It started with the hair, blond hair on the sidewalk in front of our house(probably, I mean I certainly hope so, a wig), then it was on the street in front of our house. Now it is in the street but down at the corner, it is starting to look really sad. For those of you who are thinking, “Why all this fuss?” or “Why doesn’t she just go pick it up and toss it in the trash?”, I will tell you a little secret. Hair creeps me out. Yes really, when I take my blankets out of the dryer and my hair is all tied up in little clumps and falls out, it looks like a bug or spider and I jump, then I realize it is just my hair that came out and was in my blankets and I get all creeped out.

So why is Pershing Square the best place to have breakfast? Is it because they seat you really fast? no, but they do. Is it because the food comes out really fast? no, but it does. Is it because my order(so far) is always right? no, but it has been. Is it because the food is really good and cooked exactly to order? no, but it is(except today, they didn’t burn my bacon which I asked them too but the chef probably thought that was illegal). Is it because the busboys run around clearing tables super fast and never break a dish? no, but I have never heard a dish break and they are super fast. Is it because I’ve seen the wait staff running with food and never drop even a piece of potato? no, but I have. Is it because the food is super cheap? No, hey its in Manhattan across from GCT, its not cheap. Pershing Square is the best place to have breakfast in NYC because of all those things. It is worth the price.