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>Feeling a little sad and sick

>I had all these things I was going to write about, all swimming around in my head. I came home and went to the gym. Was very proud of myself, then I went upstairs to heat my wax in the microwave and heard something on the news that made me sad and a little sick to my stomach.

I don’t know if any of you have heard about a woman who drove the wrong way on the Taconic, she had 5 children in her car and she hit a SUV. There were 3 people in the SUV, they all were killed. The woman and 4 of the children died. This happened July 26. What I heard tonight was the woman had a BAC of 1.6 and was smoking marijuana. If you want to read the article about it, the link is here.


>to blog. Especially from my phone. No spell check, and no way to make paragraphs. I also live in fear of pushing the wrong button and losing a big long post that has taken me forever to type. However it is also the best way to blog from work. This way I will have to post about our trip to the High Line and how wet we got Sunday when I come back to clean up and make it pretty. I also will have to put my pictures on the web.