>I didn’t see a new post on Marie’s blog and I don’t know where else to look for one. So I hope she doesn’t mind that I am doing this on my own sort of.

When I went to the Yankee store to get my shirt to wear to the Yankees game I went to Tuesday (which they won BTW, in case you haven’t been paying attention) I picked up some postcards featuring the Yankees and Yankee Stadium. I was going to start posting them this week (since I am completely infected with Yankee Fever). However, I received two lovely postcards from my friend Ló, who I met on the website Shelfari. We share a love of True Crime books. Unfortunately, it is hard for her to find them in Brazil, where she lives. Fortunately, I have little room for books where I live and love passing them on to people I know will read them. As a thank-you, she sent me this postcard of Brazil, São Paulo to be precise. The other one I will post next week.

And aren’t these stamps beautiful?

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