>I am in big big trouble, I can’t find M’s necklace that she wanted me to fix, oh whatever am I going to do? I have one more place to look. I hope I find it, then I will fix it and make the two necklaces for the girls and post more pictures on my other blog. I will be back later to let you know how it all turns out.

Before I go, I have had a busy day. I didn’t make to the library, that’s the only thing I didn’t do. But I got to the bank and the teller knows my mom! I wrote the name down to tell my mom. Then I took Stitch and Gwen to get their hair cut, they paid, it’s like a badge of honor with them. Then I took Stitch up to his friends house to help with the bed he bought. Gwen and I went to Chili’s, and then, since Stitch wasn’t done, we went to the mall and she drove around the parking lot. Then she wanted to drive on the ‘road’. Its not really a road, it’s part of the parking lot, but to her it was a road. So she drove from the movie theater to Target. Then we wandered around Target, went to Best Buy and then up to get Stitch. Stopped at Hannaford’s for milk and gravy and I got gift cards for Colby and Jordan. I already have a card for Travis. Then we came home and saw the nice storage place that D made for book bags. He also made a little box and put a towel in it for Abby. Since she loves boxes.