>I found the necklace, and I fixed it and gave it to M. I also made the necklaces for the girls and put them in the gift boxes I bought. In the morning, I will box them up for shipping. Monday I will mail them, along with the gift cards I got for the boys. I never know what to buy for boys. I probably should have gotten gift cards for all of them, but I like making jewelry, so I made the necklaces for the girls. I posted pictures on my other blog. Now I am going to bed.

It is now evening of Sunday, 18 May 2008. I keep saying I am going to watch Stepmom and keep putting it off. I don’t know why, it hasn’t cost me anything, so if I don’t like it no big deal. I had Tigger heat up my heat thing and it burned. Now it smells a little funny. I packed up the gifts and when I picked up the box you could hear the necklaces sliding around in the gift boxes. So I opened the box, took the gift boxes out and wrapped the necklaces in tissue paper. Now they don’t slide around. I got the box all taped up, then I typed a letter to my mom so send at the same time. I also e-mailed it to my dad, hopefully he will print it out like I asked him to. And I am such a dork, the letter wouldn’t print, and I was plugging the cord into other ports and cursing my printer and the computer and my father, I shut off the laptop, turned it back on, still nothing. Then I realized I had plugged my scanner in, not my printer.

Anyway, I am going to take my contacts out, brush my teeth and go to bed.