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Heat wave

We are in the middle of a heat wave. I don’t like the heat. Today it seemed to be slowing the train down, not only that but the A.C. didn’t seem to be working, however it was not blowing out hot air so it was bearable. The car I was on seemed to populated with very loud children. In realty there were only about 2 or 3 of them, but they were really loud. It was very annoying. The mom had an iPhone, the screen was cracked and she didn’t seem to care. I almost cried.

During the day I was e-mailing Em about packing everything and how I kept finding things I had forgotten I had, and that I was ‘pretty lame’. She reminded me I am packing up 22 years of my life. I will get through this, or I’ll have a heart attack and die. Actually if this heat lasts much longer I’ll probably die.

This evening I went on Craig’s list and listed a bunch of stuff to sell. It probably won’t move, but it’s worth a try.

And that’s all, she says.

Back at work

After almost a week off and after getting too much sun the day before, I did not enjoy going back to work today. I did it, with my swollen eyes and pale face and I lasted the entire day.

The kids gave Em here iPhone today. She started playing Words with Friends. I would never have thought she would have done it, she doesn’t like games. But she started a game with me, and Gwen and D. It is kind of scary.

Time to sign off, see everyone tomorrow.

Words with Friends

In case you don’t know, Words with Friends is a game. It is played on a wireless device with another person who has the game on their wireless device. I play it a lot.

That being said, I have decided I hate Words with Friends. I hate words, I hate letters, I hate anything connected to the alphabet.

However, I can’t stop playing it.

Bad words are forming in my head

Dear Asurion,

Listen you ignorant spawn of the Devil, for the third time I did not receive my replacement device on May 26, 2011. I received the wrong device which I returned and you told me you received. I received the correct device on June 15, 2011. Stop threatening to charge me a restocking fee you ignorant Devil-spawn.

apparently my cell phone saga is done. I say apparently because when I was reading the list of Customer complaints for Asurion, one of them was that the customer was told the phone had water damage when it didn’t. I still have to send the broken phone back so I don’t get charged a restocking fee. That is why my ordeal is not quite over yet.

When I got the e-mail from American Express stating my payment was due, I went on the website and filed a disputed charge claim. I told them, wrong merchandise shipped, I called the company, got no response and have returned the merchandise with a letter stating the problem and still had no response.

When I received the e-mail I posted in my last post, I called the number in the e-mail. I spoke to customer service, then I got transferred to technical support (Jay), Jay then said I had to speak to a supervisor to needed to know what address to send the replacement phone to. The supervisor told me the phone was being sent out.

Here is what frustrates me. When I returned the wrong phone I included a letter, in that letter was the specifics of why it was the wrong phone and what I wanted Asurion to do, send me the correct phone. I also put my address, my cell phone number, my work number and my e-mail address. I still had to call them to get them to do anything. And why did he have to get my address and phone number and e-mail address when they already had them! They had all that information from the original claim number, which was also on the letter I sent them and on every e-mail they sent me.

So I got my phone on Wednesday, June 15, 4 weeks and 7 phone calls after I filed my claim. When I opened the box, it was a brand new iPhone, it the box, shrink wrapped, just the phone I got from the store. When I went on line with American Express, there was a notation that they had contacted the company. That is what probably lit a fire under their soulless devil-spawn asses. American Express, a company that knows what customer service is, and shakes a might big stick.

Subject: Regarding Your Wireless Device Claim

Re: Claim ID

We received the documents you faxed to us; however, we were unable to review them due to two or more of the following reasons:

The photo ID was illegible, too dark, too light
The identification provided is expired or invalid
The manufacturer and model of the phone you are claiming was missing from the claim affidavit
The signature and date were missing from the claim affidavit
One or more necessary sections of the claim affidavit were missing
In order to evaluate your claim, please contact us at x for an update on your claim status. We will then inform you of what documentation is still needed to proceed with your claim. Once we receive your updated documents, we will contact you within 3 hours regarding your claim status.

Please Note: This is an auto-generated e-mail that is unable to receive replies.

This message (including any attachments) contains confidential information intended for a specific individual and purpose, and is protected by law. If you are not the intended recipient, you should delete this message. Any disclosure, copying, or distribution of this message, or the taking of any action based on it, is strictly prohibited.
Contact Us
This email was sent by: Asurion Insurance Services, Inc.
648 Grassmere Park Drive, Suite 300 Nashville, TN, 37211,

This was their mistake. They sent the wrong phone and I’m the one having to run around like a crazed person!!

How long until I can call the BBB?

Just for fun

Ever do something just for fun? MetroNorth has a text number for getting the next train. Last time I used it I noticed ‘reply MLB’ so I did, just to see what would happen. I got the following.


Then I noticed there were letters next to the games listed. So I replied with a ‘C’. Hey I have unlimited texting.


I don’t know what those numbers and letters mean. Then I replied ‘b’ for NYY.


Then ‘s’ for standings.


Just for fun.

New music

I just bought two songs from iTunes. I was influenced by Stace at My Brain Hurts.
Hungry like the wolf

Too Bad You’re so Beautiful

This morning I overslept. Not bad, but I was 30 minutes late. I really didn’t want to go into work, but I dragged myself out of bed and came in. I had two meetings today, one I forgot about until I got in and saw the e-mail. Our new regional director wants to get to know everyone. I believe the polite expression is, stuff and bother. Anyway, since I had to spend time in meetings I didn’t get to the work that piled up that lately I have been able to start whittling away at.

Also, I was updating one of my reports, and saving it to the H drive like I have been instructed, and it wouldn’t save. Then I got an error and the document closed, without my changes being saved. [insert bad word here] So when I went to the first meeting I was cranky, and then they were were just talking and talking and my head started to hurt.

And Asurion called, to see if I was enjoying my new replacement phone. So I called them and told them, No I’m not I had to return it to you, I included a letter with the details because no one returned my call. I didn’t tell them, you better get your shit together because I am ****ing angry, I am keeping my eye on you, like Sting.

Evil or just incompetent?

So they sent the wrong phone, and I couldn’t get any help on the phone. So I decided to just send the phone back with a letter stating the problem. While I was debating this in my head I told the boy what happened. He repeated: “Before you go to work for an insurance company you have to sell your soul, only soulless people can work there.”

Since I wanted to give the insurance company time to call me as promised (which they haven’t yet) I waited 48 hours. Then it was Sunday, then it was a holiday. Then I had to go to work so today was the first day I was able to go to the post office. While I was waiting I googled “Asurion Customer Complaints” and read the complaints about Asurion on the Consumer complaints website. It was frightening, since most of the complaints sounded like mine. However the BBB of Tennessee gives them an A+ rating even though they have over 500 complaints against them. Makes me wonder what kind of standards businesses in Tennessee have. All this has me leaning toward evil.

The following is the letter I enclosed with the phone. I will be paying close attention to what happens obviously and keeping you informed. Also obviously.

Asurion Insurance Services, Inc.
648 Grassmere Park Drive, Suite 300
Nashville, TN, 37211, USA
RE: Claim ID number: 77707887
Carrier: Verizon Wireless
Phone: (917) 232-1621
Wrong phone shipped in response to claim and no satisfaction from phone call

Dear Adjustor’s Office:

On May 26, 2011 I called your customer service department regarding my Apple iPH432BLK phone that I received that day. The purpose of my call was to inform your company that I received an Apple iPH416BLK instead. After dialing back three times, due to the call being cut off, I was informed that an Insurance Adjustor would be calling me to resolve the issue within 24-48 hours, most likely within 24. I am still waiting for the call.

On May 23, 2011 my phone got broken, I filed a claim online that day and received a message that no 32G were available and it would be backordered.

On May 25, 2011 I received an e-mail stating: Your Apple iPH432BLK from Asurion is now available! On May 26, 2011 I received another e-mail stating the phone had been shipped. The phone arrived that day and when I got home I plugged it into my computer to activate it. When I couldn’t get the phone to activate, I called Verizon customer service, it was then that I noticed the phone was 16G not 32, the Verizon technician verified it. After we got the phone activated he switched me to Asurion so I could report the problem and get it resolved. As mentioned in the first paragraph that has not happened and it is now 5 days later.

Enclosed with this letter is the phone I received and everything that was in the box with it, accessories, papers and return envelope for old phone. I expect to receive either a full refund of the payment I made for a replacement phone or the correct phone. I expect to receive one or the other promptly. I can be reached at either of the phone numbers above or at:

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Since there is a website filled with complaints about Asurion, I don’t feel bad posting this here.