Subject: Regarding Your Wireless Device Claim

Re: Claim ID

We received the documents you faxed to us; however, we were unable to review them due to two or more of the following reasons:

The photo ID was illegible, too dark, too light
The identification provided is expired or invalid
The manufacturer and model of the phone you are claiming was missing from the claim affidavit
The signature and date were missing from the claim affidavit
One or more necessary sections of the claim affidavit were missing
In order to evaluate your claim, please contact us at x for an update on your claim status. We will then inform you of what documentation is still needed to proceed with your claim. Once we receive your updated documents, we will contact you within 3 hours regarding your claim status.

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This was their mistake. They sent the wrong phone and I’m the one having to run around like a crazed person!!

How long until I can call the BBB?