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>Daughtry rocks

>And so do Cavo and Lifehouse. The concert was in Newark, NJ. Before we go on, I have to get this out of my system. Newark sucks. But then, IMHO, most of NJ sucks. We got all turned around getting to the concert so we were late, had no time to get something to eat. Em dropped us off so we could walk to the Prudential Center while she found someplace to park. Turned out she got there before us. I have to say, for as bad I think the city of Newark is, the people are really, really nice. They don’t know how to search you, but they were nice.

This is the ticket, if you click on it to enlarge it you will see these were not great seats, we were in Mezzanine seating, which is a fancy way of saying ‘up so high you can’t see sh*t’, in fact you don’t have to click on it I will tell you, we were in the top row at the facility, and, my seat was broken. It was O.K. as long as I sat very still.

Sometime during the concert, I think it was while Lifehouse was playing, a man came around asking us if we wanted to move down, they had tickets that weren’t sold so they were giving them away. This is the ticket for our new seats, Suite Level, one level up from the floor, nice seats. We had a great view for the rest of the concert.

As mentioned before, we got home late, the drive was better then when we were going to, I switched the GPS to fastest and it took us on the interstate, we only made one wrong turn and it didn’t take us long to fix it. Em says, she still doesn’t want to go back to Newark for any more concerts.


>My regular Wednesday off. I had planned to do a lot, and I did, just not exactly what I had planned. I got my taxes done, I got my reimbursement request sent, I bought tickets from Stubhub. I went through my books and sent a list to trade. I like my books and I really don’t want to part with them. However, sending them to someone who also likes to read doesn’t feel bad.

The things I wanted to do but didn’t were going to exercise and do laundry. The laundry didn’t get done because the washing machine was occupied, exercise was just, I got there and didn’t feel like going in. I can’t go tomorrow because for some reason I have to take Tigger to the Verizon store which I really don’t want to do, I want to go exercise and take a nice shower. I don’t see how I can do both. It always takes so long at the Verizon store. For some reason I am the only one who can take him. I want to post about the concert but I need to scan the tickets so you can understand what happened and when I was connected to my scanner I forgot all about them.

It seems kind of lame to end a post like this, but I don’t really have much else to say.

>gray wet Monday

>Sometimes I like a gray Monday, gives your senses a chance to recover from the weekend. Especially if its been one of those bright sunshiney action packed weekends.

Last weekend was sunshiney but not much action. I wanted to go to Allsport but Stitch was working on the brakes and wouldn’t answer me about what his schedule was the rest of the day so I got mad and took a nap. Then it was too late for anything.

Last night Em, the boys and I went to see Daughtry and Lifehouse play in Newark. It was a fabulous concert and I didn’t get home and to bed until 1:45 a.m. Today I told Abi, I am so tired I could kill someone. Mainly the someone’s that won’t leave me alone.

>Inhalers and Epipen

>I got a new purse today. Since I buy purses a lot I don’t bother with expensive so it is a cheap Target bag. It is a little smaller then my old one which is a problem, I like to carry my wallet, my appointment book, my notebook and my camera with me. I can’t fit all that in the new purse, reason being I have to carry an inhaler and two epipens. I don’t know if that is the correct way to write that work, my computer keeps giving me the red squiggly line. Well, I am sure you know what I mean.

It means I hate having allergies and asthma. I have never had to use an epipen and I rarely use my inhaler, however, I don’t want to be without either if I should need them.

Later today we are going to Daughtry/Lifehouse concert. I was going to be watching the game, but it is cancelled due to rain.

>I had to print something so I plugged in my printer and just pressed print, no problems. So I figured my scanner would also be no problem. I needed to scan my postcard for PFF, which is now being posted by Beth. There is a link below. So after plugging in my scanner, it looked like the driver was loading, then I got a message that I needed to put the disc in. So I put the CD in and it looked like I was good to go. I couldn’t see the program on my computer so I just pushed the scan button on the scanner. Nothing, nothing. Kind of like A-Rod with the reporters. So I went into the disc to run set-up, it told me it didn’t install correctly, I needed to re-install, so I did. It still said it was not installed correctly and that help was not compatible with Vista. What the F***?

Started closing everything down and I saw a box telling me, go to programs, click this and that to use the scanner, I am abbreviating what it said because I’m sure you are tired of this by now, since you already know it works, you can see the postcard I scanned below. So after all those messages telling my scanner wasn’t installed correctly, it works. Go figure.

>Back to PFF and I missed Marie, so I am hoping to keep this more regular from now on.

There is a little story to this one, kind of personal if no one minds. My father is an alcoholic, has been since before I was born, he stopped drinking a few years back. I went to visit about a year after he quit drinking. My first time ever seeing him, not under the influence. So we went to the grocery store to get dinner because my mother was ‘not feeling well so lets pick something up so she doesn’t have to cook.’ HUH? OK Dad. My dad was looking at this postcard and said, ‘This guy has his priorities wrong.’ And all I could think was, well Dad, you should know about messed up priorities. I mean he never did anything like this, but for most of his life, he had his priorities messed up. Of course I had to buy it, because it reminds me that 70 years old my Dad made a major change for the better.

For more postcard fun, visit Beth at
The Best Hearts Are Crunchy

>my new e-mail

>and I am wondering if it will be a better way to send my posts in. I am always looking for NEW! BETTER! FASTER! ways to blog. Time will tell if this is it.

>and I am stuck inside and I am sooo freakin’ tired. Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and there were all these people in funny green hats, I saw one woman in dark conservative clothes with bright green boots on. There were two guys on the train that were so drunk you could hear it in their voices and didn’t want to get within’ 2 feet of, as BRB says, ‘Quality’ people.

>New Weather Report

>Now it is supposed to be sunny on Sunday, and raining next Saturday when Em and I come down to the city. We cannot seem to catch a break.

Now for my big news, I am finally someone. Really, I am not kidding, yesterday I got a gold Starbucks card, and for every 15 stars, I get a free drink, and I get 2 hours of free wi-fi a day. Of course, some might say that it means I spend too much money at Starbucks. It is not my fault that Starbucks is right around the corner from my gym and a skinny cinnamon dolce is only 90 calories, and it is the only place to get a latte after my workout? I like to reward myself for sweating. I really hate sweating.

That is not the only thing, I also received a platinum American Express Card. It has been a while since I have had a credit card and I plan on this being the only one and I am only using it for emergencies and concert and baseball tickets. You know the very important stuff.

Today I had to go out in the field with MVACW and the intern to collect mercury samples. Well, water samples that are going to be sampled for mercury. Anyway, I went to change into my work boots and didn’t have any socks. I normally keep them in my desk drawer. So I ran out to buy some, and all I could find were knee-hi’s so I bought a pack and wore two on each foot. That worked out so well I might wear them every time I have to wear my boots. Then after we were done sampling we got something to eat in Chinatown. Not a very exciting time, but I always like getting out of the office, especially on such a nice day.

>Sunshine today

>bright sunshine in my window, suposed to stay like this until Sunday, when Em and the boys and I are going to be driving to Newark for a concert. Sigh. Reminds me I need to get the ticket from her.

So much to do and so little time to get it done. I have to file my taxes, I have to scan a postcard for this Friday, I am determined not to miss this week. What else do I need to do this week hmm. Oh yes, check on my bank account and check with the eye place about ordering new contacts and keep checking on Yankee tickets for the home opener.