>And so do Cavo and Lifehouse. The concert was in Newark, NJ. Before we go on, I have to get this out of my system. Newark sucks. But then, IMHO, most of NJ sucks. We got all turned around getting to the concert so we were late, had no time to get something to eat. Em dropped us off so we could walk to the Prudential Center while she found someplace to park. Turned out she got there before us. I have to say, for as bad I think the city of Newark is, the people are really, really nice. They don’t know how to search you, but they were nice.

This is the ticket, if you click on it to enlarge it you will see these were not great seats, we were in Mezzanine seating, which is a fancy way of saying ‘up so high you can’t see sh*t’, in fact you don’t have to click on it I will tell you, we were in the top row at the facility, and, my seat was broken. It was O.K. as long as I sat very still.

Sometime during the concert, I think it was while Lifehouse was playing, a man came around asking us if we wanted to move down, they had tickets that weren’t sold so they were giving them away. This is the ticket for our new seats, Suite Level, one level up from the floor, nice seats. We had a great view for the rest of the concert.

As mentioned before, we got home late, the drive was better then when we were going to, I switched the GPS to fastest and it took us on the interstate, we only made one wrong turn and it didn’t take us long to fix it. Em says, she still doesn’t want to go back to Newark for any more concerts.