>on T.V. of course, I wasn’t there, absolutely no way I can swing that. My boss was there, but then as we all know, my boss is a total shit. Anyway, when Jeter came up to bat in the 10th inning I thought maybe he would get the pie finally, then he was walked! I saw the game winning home run an inning later, the ‘wall scraper’ and I screamed like a little girl. I didn’t see the play mentioned below, where Jeter signaled to Swisher and pumped his fist, Em saw it and said she thought Jeter was going to start dancing right there on the field. I have never seen Mark as excited as he was when they were interviewing him after the game and A.J. finally got him with a pie! Now the only one left is Jeter.

Today was homecoming and Fred (the only one still in band) marched. I took him and Gwen, D had his biopsy yesterday so Em stayed with him. I think she just didn’t want to go to homecoming. Beacon lost 6 to 25. Fred stayed for the whole game, Gwen and I went to the car at 10 minutes before the end. We were getting cold and she couldn’t stop coughing. Then we had ice cream at Ron’s. Then we went up to the mall because I had no card for Ron’s (different Ron) gift. The wedding is tomorrow and I still don’t know what I am wearing!