>Went down Saturday, it was forecast to rain so Em brought ponchos she had bought for the Loggins & Messina concert, that she ended up not using since it didn’t rain when they went. I wore my hat and my denim jacket, just in case. Em had an appointment to get her nails done. After breakfast at Pershing Square Cafe we walked around a little then went to the nail salon early, she decided she also needed a pedicure. So then my adventure started, I didn’t want to wait there, and I was wanting to get my hair cut. So I walked toward 3rd Ave., I had gone online and got the address for Supercuts. I was going there but somehow I turned on the wrong street (big surprise there), however, I saw a sign for haircuts $20 and decided to go in and see. I told the woman at the counter that I wanted a hair cut, she pantomimed cutting with her fingers, “Cut?”, then pantomimed washing hair, “Massage?” (I must admit at this point the little voice in my head was yelling at me ‘RUN! Run for your life!’) I said “No, just cut.” She nods her head and indicates a chair for me to sit in, proceeds to wet my hair and comb it. As for the voice in my head, I told it to just shut up, it was only hair. After a few more hand gestures, thumb and forefinger apart and then measuring on the hair, she proceeded to trim approximately 1 1/2 inches off the length which was not as much as I wanted trimmed off, but that is better then a too short haircut, I don’t have to let anything grow out. I told Em, “Now I feel confident about getting my hair cut in a foreign country.”

Of course after getting my hair cut (no pictures, the style is the same anyway) and paying extra to get it blow dried, I came out of the salon to heavy rain. Grr! It was supposed to stop! I walked back to the nail place and Em was just leaving. I actually was standing across the street and watched her send me a text message. Then I yelled at her for not stopping the rain. We started walking. She had heard about a restaurant, more of a burger place really, and wanted to put it in her book so we had to try it out. It is on 79th Street, at the end where it runs into the Hudson River.

So we walked all the way up to 79th Street, then all the way to the river, which actually at that point is no longer considered a river to the Boat Basin Cafe. Kind of cute inside. Em said it is open year round, it must get freaking cold in the winter. What I didn’t realize, but should have, is the restaurant is located under the overpass, which is kind of a roundabout really.

This is the overpass that goes over the restaurant, we walked along side of this and then walked down some stairs that curved around, so I should have figured out that the restaurant was under it, but I didn’t, not until I went to the bathroom and on the way back looked up and saw the road signs above.

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