>I took these pictures the other day, with my NEW camera, and I just don’t get it.

For those of you who don’t know, I work in Queens, NY. I take the train to the city (GCT) then the subway to Queens (which is part of NYC, unless you live in Manhattan). When I get off the subway, I have to walk across 6 lanes of traffic past the Pulaski Bridge. A side street, the turn lane (1)[leads to the bridge], two lanes going one direction (2,3)[one side of the bridge], two lanes the other direction (4,5)[the other side of the bridge] and lastly the turn lane coming off the bridge (6). Now it used to be that this had to be navigated without benefit of a crosswalk or traffic signals. Then one day, I noticed all these warning cones up and men with yellow vests and big machines. They were installing walk signals and painting a crosswalk. But they did more.

See what they did? They removed part of the curb and put in a ramp, I’m guessing for wheelchairs. This is past the first turn lane, and this was not always like this. Now after you cross the two lanes going over the bridge, there is a medium and there . . .

They made a nice little path. The next patch of concrete is like the first, they took out the curb and put a ramp, and then you come to . . .

a CURB! Can you imagine, you’re in a wheelchair and you go over the first ramp and then through and up and over again, you moving along all nice and happy (relatively speaking of course) and then all of a sudden, a freaking curb? WTF?

The car is in the way, the curb goes down on the other side so you can roll up it, but still, they removed the curbs on the other ones, why not here? Why do you have to go around the corner on this side, the busy side of the road? Hmmm?
These pictures were taken the morning after my mom told me about how in the town next to her the town put in a totally unnecessary round about. And then the town that she lives in, not to be outdone put in one of their own, not only unnecessary but too small for the trucks to get around. That is probably why I finally noticed this.