I know you are probably tired of hearing of the weather and how it is effecting my commute but that is all I really have to talk about. Since this is a blog I know you can just go elswhwre if you are bored.
If I got to bed at a reasonable time I would be able to get up and get dressed and clean the ice and snow off my car and make my train. I keep hoping that if I keep saying it I will eventially do it. I was not late, but I really don't like the express although I did get to sit in a two-seater and face forward. On the message boards I refered to the weather as the three evil sisters. Snow, ice, and freezing rain. By the time I got to work I was chilled, I did remember to get some lunch so I wouldn't have to go out in the  freezing rain, a frozen thing that didn't nuke well. That is the problem when you share a microwave, sometimes you can't put something back in if it is not heated all the way through like this was. Other than that, I kind of liked it. It was 6 points, which is more than I usually have for lunch but I really should eat more at lunch time. It must have had a lot of sodium in it, I am really thirsty now.
Well, I am off to drink some water and do some work.