of our assembly. I am waiting for D and Tigger to get home so I can take Tigger to get a hair cut. Em has already gone up to get her hair done. I have to take him up to where she is and then I have some things to do myself. Well after all that waiting, he didn’t want to go. Made me a little mad, cause if I hadn’t had to wait for him I could have already gone and come home.

Yesterday I had a horrible commute. I got on the train, it went one stop, then broke the switch, which damaged the train so it couldn’t go any further. They also delayed trains going the other way. So I called Tigger to have somebody come get me, D and Gwen drove to Cold Spring to get me and took me to the Beacon train station. By the time I got back to the train station the trains were running again. Em and Tigger had planned to go to the city so I went home to pick them up, it was now 9:00, the train didn’t get there until around 9:20 and then it didn’t leave for another 20 minutes and it didn’t get into the city until 11:30. So I didn’t get to my office until 12 noon.

Forgot to say, I missed the train I wanted to catch, the train I got on left the station at 6:50, that was the start. If I had not overslept and caught the right train, I would have had my normal commute.

After having to stand out in the cold and the stress, I had an asthma attack in the afternoon.

When I came on to post this I noticed I have had 300 hits since I started this new blog. YAY!