Something very annoying happens when I use this e-mail system, it picks up whatever I wrote before, like I want to resend the same information over and over.

I have something new to be annoyed about today, but isn’t there always something? This time it has to do with the WW message boards and a person who always starts a new thread when I have started it. The opening post instead of saying ‘anyone can start the thread’ should say ‘___ will start the thread because she’s so important she doesn’t have to check for anyone else, and if anyone else is stupid enough to start it, they have to just come over to her thread.’ Today is not the first time this has happened, it happens every time I start it but not when other people do. And I try not to take things personally, because I don’t really know these people but sometimes things pile on top of each other and I get upset.

Was it supposed to rain today? Cause it is, not as much as the other day when I didn’t have my hat, but it is raining and it is cold. I just cannot believe it.

Just now I bought some cinnamon Altoids at the store for Tigger, I will send him a text about that. He will either be happy or ask me for Riesen. That I have to get someplace not as expensive since I get the big bag. Well, my drink is ready so I better go.

And when I told him, he said, ‘Yay’, he didn’t ask for Riesen, just told me not to forget it, now that I am leaving work and walking to the subway, it is pouring down rain. I am soaked to the skin.

Time for bed and I have an upset tummy.
^. .^