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My day off

As mentioned before, I have every other Wednesday off, as I was eating my cereal this morning, and Gwen was talking to me, I kept thinking how much nicer it would be if I could get a day off and be alone. Not that I don’t like her, I just sometimes prefer to be alone. Of course after I move, I will be spending almost all my mornings alone.

Gwen and I were supposed to do something this morning but she didn’t feel well so we both went back to bed. There it was quiet. Until Gwen came downstairs and started doing her laundry, she is excited for tomorrow, that is why she is washing clothes.

Then we went shopping, she said she needed tops, we found some great sales, when it was rung up, the amount she spent and the amount she saved was 40¢ different. I didn’t save as much on mine. Then Fred called because he wanted to be picked up, he was upset I wasn’t home, but agreed to meet at Ron’s (please follow), since I had to go back there to get my sunglasses.

Then home, and I don’t know why, but lately everything I eat is making me sick.

Well, I have to go now. I might be back for more randomness.


Day two

All over again. I have missed a few days and need to get back into the swing of posting again. Fortunately, its only a few days and so I can make them up.

For yesterday’s post, I was supposed to add a personal comment at the bottom. I kept putting it off because I have no personal experience with anyone with autism, I have friends with children with autism, on Twitter.

So there you have it, something else twitter has done for us. It makes it possible for us to connect with people we may have not met before, allows single mothers to connect with other single mothers in similar situations without having to get a babysitter.

The internet can be a source for good. You just have to be careful.

What Twitter has done

Last Friday an Egyptian Cobra escaped from the Bronz Zoo. Well not actually from the zoo, from the place its supposed to be in the Reptile house and is hiding somewhere in the Reptile house, according to zoo officials. The first thing that happened is the ‘snake’ signed up for twitter.

The fact that it has a Twitter account has turned this seemingly insignificant escape into international news. Both my boss and myself say it online on news sites from other countries.

It started me thinking about other events in my lifetime, significant events, ones that happened before twitter and wonder what would have happened if we had twitter then.

Can you imagine how quickly the news of John Lennon’s assassination would have spread around the world? As it was Howard Cosell interrupted Monday Night Football to announce it. Or more recently, can you imagine the reaction if Twitter had been around on September 11, 2001? I think that about 0.1 second after the first tower went down, so would have Twitter. Then when everybody switched to Facebook, that would have crashed next. Of course this is just speculation on my part, you may or may not agree. Something to ponder.

This title is sort of misleading since Em and I have not stopped our bi-weekly trips to Manhattan, what stopped was I stopped writing about them. Last year was not a good year for blogging for me, this year I have recommitted and decided that every trip will be followed up with a blog post.

Also I will be bringing my camera, which I haven’t done in a while and taking pictures. Not a lot probably, but enough to give you an idea of what we are doing. Em has a lot of food groupons, that is why we will be eating at a variety of places. Saturday lunch was at Oaxaca, 16 Extra Place, Manhattan. It is just a little fast food Mexican place, we each had two chicken molé enchiladas. They were so good, spicy hot with flavor. It’s going on our list, just have to remember where it is. Then we headed to NoHo to see Ashley. Em had to take out her piercings, and one of them was all red now. I wanted to go to the tea place that Ashley tweets about all the time. Em said sure since we didn’t have an agenda. After getting the address from Ashley we headed to Broome St.

We had already had lunch, but decided a little snack was in order, after all it was COLD Saturday and I was still having sinus and asthma problems. Friday was so nice, Saturday was not. So we got tea with scones. The scones were served with cream and jam, thick cream like butter. All very yummy. Em got mint chocolate tea, I got Chinese Black Tea, Golden Snail I think it was called. Em bought some tea and I bought a tall tea cup with an infuser and a lid.

Next stop was a fabric store, that was closed. That turned out to be o.k. because it wasn’t fabric for clothes it was fabric to home furnishing, so now Em can replace the curtains. Dinner was at a place called MotherBurger. It was quite different from Harney and Sons, which was relaxing and quiet, MotherBurger was loud and crowded. But the burgers were good, exactly to order and not to huge.

Our last stop was at Annie Moore’s. Is there any better way to end a day then with bourbon and chocolate cake? Well Em would say scotch and chocolate cake. Of course it wasn’t really the end because we ended up with a sighting of our strange friend with the long spike of hair, red and blue plaid, and some train drama. We had to wait in Harlem for an ambulance for someone on the train.

Speaking of Harlem, does anyone know of any safe neighborhoods for a little white girl to live?

Sunday we rested

or at least that was the plan, but my head was splitting, and wouldn’t you know I would find more stuff to throw out. Then I went to get coffee, and got yelled at because “Tigger needed the car.” I was confused since I thought that the car was mine on the weekends but now I guess that has changed. If the boys need the car they get it.

It made me mad, I get mad when the rules get changed and nobody tells me. I cried the rest of the day. Which of course made my eyes red and swollen and made my head ache. I was going to quit all my games on Words with Friends, but @alisonfaye wouldn’t let me. That kind of made me realize that no matter what other people do, in the end, I decide the course of my life. I did however cut Tigger’s iTunes allowance in half. If he can use my car whenever he wants, why should I give him so much money?

Football is over

Am I sad? No the Packers won, more importantly, the Steelers lost. I came upstairs and Em asked me who it was on the Steelers we didn’t like. I stumbled over his name, ‘Roethlisberger’ after reading all the nicknames given him on Twitter, Em said she thought it was shorter then that, one of the kids said ‘Ben’. Yeah that’s him, the one who should be serving time. I told Em, we could just call him what somebody on Facebook called him, POS misogynist (click to read an excellent post on the meaning of misogyny). Em laughed and admitted she didn’t know what POS meant, I laughed and said, “Well it doesn’t mean Point of Sale!”

So do I care about the Super Bowl? No, I don’t give a fuck about football. I am looking forward to the next big holiday, Valentines Day. Or as it is more commonly known in our household, the first day of Spring Training. Go Yankees! Time to fire up the other blog and get serious. It is going to be a great year. I promise.

Yesterday’s Post

Maybe I should have waited until today to post about Anne Braden, since this is the first day of Black History Month. My whole feeling on such things is we shouldn’t reserve good deeds for a certain day, or we shouldn’t just acknowledge the efforts people have made at a certain time. If someone has done something to make life better for other people, it should be acknowledged, there shouldn’t be a set time to remember them. Thanksgiving Day is one of those times that people talk about being thankful, why just thanksgiving? If we have a wonderful family or friends shouldn’t we be thankful everyday? If we have a good life, good friend and health, and we believe God is responsible, shouldn’t we thank him every day, not just on a random Thursday in November?

The actual reason I had for posting that video and song is I have been listening to it a lot the past week. I do that, I listen to one artist for a while, picking out which songs are my favorite. This is one of my favorite songs by Flobots. Also someone on Twitter was asking it anyone had family members who would object to a mixed relationship. That is not exactly the way he phrased it, but that is what he meant. Of course I do, with my Daddy’s southern roots. So all of a sudden, this song has greater meaning for me. So I decided to put it on my blog.

>It was so cold

>It was 7°F this morning, that’s -13.8°C, no I don’t just know this stuff I use a converter! You maybe wondering how cold is that?

It was so cold:

… by the time I got from my door to my car my fingers were hurting.
… by the time I finished scrapping the frost on my windshield you could have broken off my fingers.
… by the time I got from D.D. to my car my hot coffee was now iced coffee.
… by the time I drove to the gym the remaining frost was still frost.
… I washed my hair at the gym, by the time I got to my car my hair was a block of ice.
… there were reports from Connecticut of frozen titties. (credit for that goes to @alisonfaye

Some of those were made up. What outrageous things can you think of?

>I have no idea

>Why do I procrastinate? It is never a good idea. I procrastinate at work and instead of one pile of work to do, now I have three. Three very large piles of paperwork that has to get done.

Writing here is also one of those things. I even had an idea of what I wanted to write, I had a couple of ideas. When I came downstairs, I turned on my computer and put Sims3 in. (Sims3 is the devil you know) Then I turned it off after my girl got pregnant, but I didn’t save it cause I really didn’t want her to have a baby. But I still didn’t come here, I started reading posts on other forums I am a member of, when I finally came to this blog, instead of signing in and typing my blog I scroll down to my blog roll and started reading the recent posts.

Of course by the time I got here, I had completely forgotten what I was going to say. Something about Twitter and Facebook and Sept. 11, 2001.

So you can blame my crappy writing on my procrastination, don’t blame it on the fact that I have been up since 4:45 after only getting 3 hours sleep. I need a nap. Unfortunately, that’s all I will get before I have to go back to work.

>Sims 3

>Is a computer game, called Sims because it is a game that simulates something. DUH! In this case it simulates life. You create families, or you can use the ones that come with the game.

Recently it was on sale at Target so I bought it. I put off for a long time because of the price, it was $50 for a long time and because I tend to play such games for hours and hours. Just a tad obsessive. I promised myself I wouldn’t do it this time. So now I have 11 minutes to finish typing this post so I keep my word that I will post everyday. This is not the post I intended to write. I also was going to go to Target and get oatmeal. So Sims is sucking me in.

Also, I got the app for Words with Friends and am playing that with some people from Twitter. I am losing quite spectacularly.

What else was I going to say? Oh yes, D and Tigger are going to Vegas tomorrow. In order to make life easy for them, I am getting up at 4:45 a.m. so I can catch the 5:32 train so Stitch can drive them to the airport. I’m not really wonderful, I just want to have breakfast at Starbucks in the morning since I forgot to get oatmeal.