Maybe I should have waited until today to post about Anne Braden, since this is the first day of Black History Month. My whole feeling on such things is we shouldn’t reserve good deeds for a certain day, or we shouldn’t just acknowledge the efforts people have made at a certain time. If someone has done something to make life better for other people, it should be acknowledged, there shouldn’t be a set time to remember them. Thanksgiving Day is one of those times that people talk about being thankful, why just thanksgiving? If we have a wonderful family or friends shouldn’t we be thankful everyday? If we have a good life, good friend and health, and we believe God is responsible, shouldn’t we thank him every day, not just on a random Thursday in November?

The actual reason I had for posting that video and song is I have been listening to it a lot the past week. I do that, I listen to one artist for a while, picking out which songs are my favorite. This is one of my favorite songs by Flobots. Also someone on Twitter was asking it anyone had family members who would object to a mixed relationship. That is not exactly the way he phrased it, but that is what he meant. Of course I do, with my Daddy’s southern roots. So all of a sudden, this song has greater meaning for me. So I decided to put it on my blog.