>There are probably some people who will say I shouldn’t be talking about ‘retail therapy’ on Martin Luther King, Jr’s Day, however, if not for this day, I would not have been able to engage in this therapy. I would have had to go to work and who knows how the day would have ended.

Em had her nail appointment and I had no idea what I should do. Since I had been looking for boots online I decided I would see what I could find in the city. Here’s what I did, I signed into ‘Yelp’ and looked for shoe stores. Then I looked for one that was close and had 1 dollar sign. I found Bonito Shoes on 6th Avenue near 38th Street. I didn’t check the reviews, I was looking for cheap. Every pair of boots was $40. I bought two pairs because the pair I was looking at online was $80. However, when I got home I discovered that one of the pairs was the wrong size, so tomorrow I have to go back to the store. I also got a little blister on my foot since I wore one pair all day.

Em had a groupon, but she decided she didn’t want to walk all the way up to where the restaurant was, so we just walked about until we found a nice little restaurant, publike place. It was called Papillon; 22 E. 54th St; New York, NY 10022. It had your standard burgers and salads and suchlike fare. Plus the best pumpernickel rolls you could ever hope to have, anywhere.

After that we went to ‘5th Avenue Chocolatiere’, which for some strange reason is on 3rd Avenue, not 5th. Em wanted to get chocolates for people at her office, she kept saying she was going to buy the peanut butter and coconut chocolates. I asked her for the chocolate gun and handcuffs. I had to settle for a chocolate covered pretzel with mini M&M’s on it.

It was a good day, a day that got worse when I saw the wrong size shoes, then got better when I saw an e-mail from my friend, “Darling we are alright.”