You will notice I put a countdown on my blog. This is to opening day Yankees vs. Red Sox in Boston, then I will change it to the first game that Em and I will be going to at Yankee Stadium. I tried very hard to get tickets to the home opener but it hasn’t happened yet. I don’t think its going to happen even though I will continue to try and check out websites.

Last year I promised to not blog about the Yankees. I have not kept that promise, I just stopped blogging here by making a blog on The blog is called: The Foxx Loves the Yankees. It is mostly about the Yankees, a little personal stuff thrown in so you know its me.

Another change I made to my blog is I widened it to accommodate the countdown widget. Also, the site where I got the widget has countdowns for many events, not just sports, if you want a countdown widget for your blog, check it out! Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, wedding, all sorts of events, and sports too.