>Today is already looking like a day I would like to rewind and start over. Yes I want a do-over. Up early to catch the train, took out my ear phones to make sure we weren’t changing trains in Croton like yesterday (always a high light of my day when that happens[big eye roll here]). We didn’t so I was thinking today should be o.k., just a little rain, yes a LITTLE rain, also cold nasty wind, my jeans are still wet.

Fortunately it was Abi who opened the door to the office, not someone with that hated question, ‘Don’t you have an umbrella?’ Well of course I have an umbrella, its home in my closet where it won’t get broken or wet (another big eye roll), I don’t want it to end up on a blog somewhere, or on one of those posters

‘Missing … have you seen …. ‘

I also only wore one jacket. I need two jackets, a light one for the office and a heavier one to wear over it when I go outside. Especially on a day like today I need two jackets. I only have my heavy jacket, which is wet now so I can’t wear it and I am freezing in my office!

I tried to turn my scale on to measure my cereal and Ta Da! batteries are dead. Fortunately it takes AAA batteries, except I don’t think I have any. Anyway, it is day two of my new vitamin regimen and I still don’t feel any better. In fact right now I wish I was home still wrapped up in my blankets.