>Taking up space at the library while Em gets her nails done. The last time we were here, well no not the last time, the last time it rained like a bitch and we didn’t do anything. The time before that we talked about how music moved us. That is really all we do, we just walk and talk, we mix up some shopping and eating among that, but mainly, we talk and we walk. Reliving our teenage years, this time doing it right and having fun. It may sound boring, but I can’t think of a better way to spend a day then with your best friend in a place you both love to be.

Today we are going to get our piercings checked. Mine because its been a month, hers because it hasn’t been healing properly. I think about telling her, welcome to the club, I have two that refuse to heal. Both are almost a year old.

Blogger has come up with some new templates and features. I tried them out on my craft blog … problem is, I have customized all my blogs and I reallty don’t want to lose those custimazations (I have no idea if that is really a word). I just went to the craft blog on this computer and it is PINK! not the nice shaded kind of lavenderish color it was at home. I don’t have the old template here (duh) so I will have to wait to get home to change it back.

I have a few more things to do on this computer then it will be time to meet Em and go see Ashley. Speaking of Ashley, I have to go tweet now.