>I am typing another blog post. I also upgraded my setting and want to see how they work.

First of all, I thought I had told you about my last piercing. It was on our last trip to the city. The one we made when we had no power at home. I was going to title it, ‘Getting the HELL out of Dodge’. By the number of people at the train station it appeared we were not the only ones with that thought. The snow was very pretty, but heavy, the trees branches were bending under the weight. While Em was getting her nails done I went to the library, the big one this time and used their computer to go on-line. I even typed a blog post. I wanted to stay there all day, it was warm and the rooms are filled with books. I also learned something. People don’t go to this library to get books. They go to do research, to go online, take tours and take pictures. Isn’t that interesting?

When Em was done with her nails I had to leave. I had planned and saved for my cartilage piercing. So we trekked down to Maria Tash to get it done. Ashley and I had been tweeting each other so she was expecting me. This is the not spot I wanted to have pierced, but I decided to go with her suggestion, she is the professional, I was actually thinking about getting my Tash Rook pierced, but I decided to go with the cartilage. Blue diamond for the Yankees.

Well, now that I have talked about the concert and Manhattan, I will take a break.