>Today is my regular Wednesday off and what am I doing? Sitting on my bed with my laptop and a box of tissue. No I am not watching a sad movie, I have a cold. On my day off! That totally stinks, except I won’t have to use a day of sick time. Except I probably would have gone into work if it wasn’t my day off and I could have infected everyone there. Bwaaaaaa!

Now I have to decide if I want to blog about the concert or Em and my trip to the city. The concert was last Thursday in Manhattan and when Em and I went to the city we did our usual, which you are probably tired of hearing about, so lets go with the concert.

First you’ll notice it was in a ballroom, not the nicest venue I’ve been in, but O.K. We were on the 7th floor, which was alright until we had to leave and walk down the stairs.

Security was really tight. I only had my purse, which I have started doing for concerts and such, only carry one bag, I put it down for the security person to check (and she really checked it, didn’t just glance in it) and turned so the other one could search me, just a quick pat down, checked my pockets and pant legs, as she was doing this the girl checking my purse said ‘OH!’ kind of loud, at first I thought she might have found my knife, but she was pulling on my camera bag and saying, “This is so nice! Look how pretty it is!” The other security girl comes over (hey, they looked like they were half my age, so they are girls) and she is talking about it, then she suddenly looks up at me waiting for her, and realizes they are holding the elevator for me, so she quickly stuffs it back in my purse and hands it to me. I thought that was funny.

For the encore the lead singer invited everybody up to the front which is how I got this nice picture. It would have been nicer except, see that big head? He was swaying back and forth in front of me. I hate when tall people do that! What? Yes I know, most adults are taller then me.
So that’s about it for the concert, we had a great time, I got to bed at 1:15 a.m., started my next day with a cinnamon latte instead of hot tea and oatmeal, but its all good.