>why do people drive stupid?

I was driving to the train (I know I said I get dropped off, but I do the driving. Stitch drives the car back home from the train station.) At the light where I turn left, there was a car waiting to turn right, it is a no turn on red, the driver had pulled forward under the light, so he couldn’t see when the light turned green. Does that make sense to you? You can’t go until the light turns green, but you don’t wait where you can see the light. It doesn’t make sense to me.

This mornings commute was fine, not like yesterday’s. Yesterday I missed my train, then when I got to GCT the #7 train wasn’t running. I wanted to wait on the platform until it was but the MTA person kept telling us to ‘go upstairs and take …’ and then whatever alternate route we had to take. So up I went to the #6 then the switch to the E or V, of course what always happens in this situation is by the time my boss gets to the city the #7 is fixed. Then he says to me, “I didn’t have any problem with the subway.” He thinks he is being funny. Ha ha really funny.