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>Bed soon

>But I just had to check in here once. These You-tube video is pretty cool I think.

I got the rest of my free books.

No reading got done, the cable and satellite were out so the kids wanted me upstairs to play games with them. I consoled myself by buying a dress from Who I have never purchased anything from before, I just wanted one more dress and the one I wanted from Chadwicks wasn’t in my size. I got the pink and black one.

Since I was upstairs it also meant I got no blogging done, that is why I am still up, I notified all my award winners that they have an award to pick up at my book blog, Bella is reading.



>Still cold

>in the 40’s F today, that would make it about 10° Celsius I believe. So not as cold as yesterday, but still too cold for April! In my humble opinion. Stitch is so cute, after I complained when I asked him how cold it was and his answer was ‘sort of coldish’. He now comes downstairs in the morning to give me a temperature report. This morning it was 44° F. So in his words, not very cold. I think I am going to have to dig out my velvet pants and ivory sweater for Phantom, I don’t think it will be warm enough to wear a dress next Wednesday.

This morning, leaving the subway I had to take the other stairs, the stairs I normally take are closed for repair. The stairs I am now taking bring me out on the side of the street where my office is, unfortunately that is also the side with no sidewalk. So I have to cross the Pulaski Bridge, (6 lanes) with no crosswalk. Not a problem you say? Well normally not, but this morning there was a gazillion traffic cops on the street. OK, maybe only 20 or so, but that meant instead of crossing the bridge, I crossed Jackson Street to where I could cross the bridge with a crosswalk and then crossed back Jackson to go to my office. All so I would not upset the nice (grr) people with the bright yellow safety vests and white kid gloves. And guns. I think they had guns, I try not to stare at them. This afternoon when I walked back to get lunch there was only two there. Maybe the rest were at lunch?

>On April 9, 2009, the Government chose not to seek rehearing on an opinion issued by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit in National Cotton Council v. EPA. The Government instead filed a motion to stay issuance of the Court’s mandate for two years to provide EPA time to develop, propose and issue a final NPDES general permit for pesticide applications, for states to develop permits, and to provide outreach and education to the regulated community.

Reversing EPA’s November 2006 Aquatics Pesticides rule, the 6th Circuit held that Clean Water Act permits are required for all biological pesticide applications and chemical pesticide applications that leave a residue in water when such applications are made in or over, including near, waters of the United States. EPA estimates that the ruling will affect approximately 365,000 pesticide applicators that perform 5.6 million pesticide applications annually.

EPA plans to work closely with states and the environmental and regulated communities in developing a general permit that is protective of the environment and public health.