>in the 40’s F today, that would make it about 10° Celsius I believe. So not as cold as yesterday, but still too cold for April! In my humble opinion. Stitch is so cute, after I complained when I asked him how cold it was and his answer was ‘sort of coldish’. He now comes downstairs in the morning to give me a temperature report. This morning it was 44° F. So in his words, not very cold. I think I am going to have to dig out my velvet pants and ivory sweater for Phantom, I don’t think it will be warm enough to wear a dress next Wednesday.

This morning, leaving the subway I had to take the other stairs, the stairs I normally take are closed for repair. The stairs I am now taking bring me out on the side of the street where my office is, unfortunately that is also the side with no sidewalk. So I have to cross the Pulaski Bridge, (6 lanes) with no crosswalk. Not a problem you say? Well normally not, but this morning there was a gazillion traffic cops on the street. OK, maybe only 20 or so, but that meant instead of crossing the bridge, I crossed Jackson Street to where I could cross the bridge with a crosswalk and then crossed back Jackson to go to my office. All so I would not upset the nice (grr) people with the bright yellow safety vests and white kid gloves. And guns. I think they had guns, I try not to stare at them. This afternoon when I walked back to get lunch there was only two there. Maybe the rest were at lunch?