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>What a difference one day makes

>20 degrees cooler today, wearing my jacket and I am a little cold.

Tomorrow starts the compressed work week which is yay! At the same time it is ugh. Have to leave at 5:40 a.m. tomorrow morning.

On another note, I got my paycheck and thought I had my raise and was very happy, until I realized that this was the third paycheck this month and so my commuting money was not taken out. So I will not be getting this extra every paycheck. Well it is still extra money so I will be happy anyway.

Ed is still around, he hasn’t hit this blog yet but he hit my other one again today. So CM is staying on. Sorry for the inconvenience.


>On April 29, 1992, deadly rioting that claimed 54 lives and caused $1 billion in damage erupted in Los Angeles after a jury in Simi Valley acquitted four Los Angeles police officers of almost all state charges in the videotaped beating of Rodney King.

~The New York Times