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>I meant to post this yesterday morning, well I will be quick, he has started coming downstairs in the morning to make sure I am up. Thursday morning was cold so he comes down, I am in the bathroom doing morning bathroom stuff, to ask me when I wanted him to start the car to warm up. {SIGH} Not really his fault since I have been getting a little scattered lately and not leaving at my regular time. So I tell him ‘5 minutes’, later when I am in my bedroom getting my clothes out I hear him outside, then he comes to the door and he says something, ‘What?’ I shout, he’s gone, so I grab my phone and call him, he doesn’t pick up it goes straight to voice mail because he doesn’t have his phone on of course because he NEVER HAS HIS **deleted** PHONE ON! So I run upstairs to see what he said, cause something could be wrong with the car for all I know, and he says, ‘The car’s warming up.’ {DUH} So I say, ‘I hate it when you do this!’ He says sorry, I go finish getting ready and we leave for the train station late and I miss my train.

Now, I know he has no idea what I was talking about and will most likely continue to do it even if I tell him he doesn’t need to tell me the car is warming up, I know if he says he is going to do it in 5 minutes he will do it in 5 minutes, not 4 minutes 55 seconds or 5 minutes 5 seconds. Sometimes I hate dealing with Aspie-Bipolar people! It was not his fault I missed my train, I got up late, so you see why I title this post the way I did, cause this was both.

Oh, and no one has to post a comment telling me I am a bitch. I know that. I am working on it.


>On April 16, 1947, America’s worst harbor explosion occurred in Texas City, Texas, when the French ship Grandcamp, carrying ammonium nitrate fertilizer, caught fire and blew up, devastating the town. Another ship, the Highflyer, exploded the following day. The explosions and resulting fires killed more than 500 people and left 200 others missing.