>When one little thing after another just piles up.

  1. Got Amy (the car) inspected Saturday, well Stitch did actually. Now when Amy is in park and you step on the brake pedal, the lights come on. Also if you turn the lights on while Amy is in park, you can shift out of park. Neither of these things is supposed to happen. Also her transmission gets funky at 50 mph but only when her lights are on. That’s fine with me, I love speeding down dark roads with no lights. ~ Kidding! ~ Amy needs to go back to the garage, that leads me to,
  2. Em and D are in Puerto Rico. It is a planned trip for their 25th wedding anniversary, but it means I am driving Amy, Stitch is driving D’s van, so it has been impossible to take Amy in to get her looked at.
  3. The RD sent my request for compressed work week with a start date of Oct. 2009 to Albany.
  4. Idiot co-worker is still touching my stuff and begging for food.
  5. (This one will have Daryl laughing and saying ‘I told you so.’) My Sony Reader froze in the middle of an e-Book, should’ve stuck to a real book! Being the technologically savvy gurrl that I am, I took my earring out and reset it. Started reading again and it was fine, until this morning that is, when it froze again, twice! Same book, so this afternoon on the way home, I read a different book. No problems.
  6. Missed my train three days in a row. Got to get up earlier so I can get my new morning routine with my skin medicine down, and make it on time.
  7. The medicine for my rosacea seems to be helping with the redness, but the bumps are still here. This morning my foundation didn’t seem to be covering it. Since I was already running late, I grabbed the concealer and brush and put them in the ziplock bag with my other make-up and left for work. On the train I took the bag out, I hadn’t grabbed my concealer, I had grabbed my purple eye shadow, but I didn’t have any way to put it on so I couldn’t even wear it.
  8. The elastic on my new underwear is digging into my skin and leaving red lines.

So that is about all. Except for things that that are to humiliating too report here. You know the things that send me to my room crying then I come out and yell at the kids. Hopefully, I will have a better weekend.