>This is getting to be a recurring post.

Since I spent 3 days in Albany Em decided I needed a trip to Manhattan, I suspect she was just using that as an excuse and just really wanted to go herself. I am her friend however so I went along with it. That sounds like I didn’t really want to go, of course I do. I wrote the above on the train, then I started to get motion sick, so I stopped. I just took some Tylenol® PM so I have to stop now. I will finish this tomorrow.

We didn’t go down real early this time. Em went to BJ’s so I decided I would go to Target to get a purse that I could carry my stuff and my camera in. Tigger wanted to come with me. So first I put gas in the car, then we drove to Target. I didn’t like how the car sounded so I checked the oil when we go to Target. Plenty of oil but dirty, so it needs to be changed. I will schedule that for next weekend. Em called while we were at Target so we met her at Panera for breakfast, we took a little too long so we had to drive straight to the train station, that meant I didn’t have my camera, I only had foundation on and I was wearing my Crocs™! My fuzzy ones. I was not very happy about that.

After making a stop at the bathroom, we started walking up 5th Avenue toward Central Park. I was looking for a perfume store I saw on 5th Avenue once. We didn’t find it, Tigger found it on his I-touch, but we didn’t go to it. I stopped at Sephora to see about getting a makeover, didn’t get one there, got one at Saks and bought some lip gloss. Em bought a bunch of makeup, enough to get a free gift from Lancôme. Tigger got a shirt and another jacket, navy blue this time. We went to Cafe Frida for lunch again. I had the same thing I had last time and Em had fajitas and Tigger had Salmon. This is some of the decor there. Kind of cool huh? Em said the waiter was kind of cute, I said yeah, in a South American Rebel kind of way!

It was a fun day after all. I bought lip gloss and two new pairs of Crocs™, we finished our day at Annie Moore’s as usual. I didn’t have Scotch this time, need to see if that is what makes me drag the next day.