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>Strawberry Fields Forever

>I was having commuting problems this morning, actually starting last night. When I was going home my card wouldn’t swipe. I kept getting this message to ‘swipe card again at this terminal’ when I went to the other terminal to try it I got the message, ‘card was just used’. ARG! so frustrating. Since I didn’t want to wait 15-20 minutes I used my other metro card, the one where I have to pay for each trip.

Then this morning coming into work I was happily plugged into my iPod and after we stopped at Cortlandt they made an announcement. I couldn’t hear what the announcement was but all of a sudden people who had just sat down jumped up. The woman beside me, who had just sat down and gotten out her book, closed it and put it back in her bag. I knew what that meant. Equipment change, we had to change trains at Croton. What a pain. All this time my right eye was bothering me and I had forgotten to put more money in my change purse for the day. So I stopped at the bank on the way into work, after I got to work I took my contact lens solution into the bathroom and took out my contact, rinsed it, looked at it, put it back in. Still hurting, so I took it out again, this time I saw a tiny tear in the contact. So I only had one contact in and was having a hell of a time doing my work.

None of this deterred me from going to Strawberry Fields after work. Em and Tigger were already up there. I stopped and got flowers, Em said they were too pretty to leave, I said, ‘they were cheap.’ She said that was fine, next year for the 30th anniversary I will get roses. There were a lot of people there I won’t hazard a guess how many, but they were all circled around the mosaic singing and playing music so I couldn’t get to the mosaic (I took this picture, just not today). Em said some people were leaving flowers at the plaque so we walked down there, past the pot smokers, someone had a lit a candle and I put my pretty purple flowers there. I forgot my camera so no pictures, besides it was dark by then and I still haven’t found out if the night feature works on my camera. Next trip I promise.

Turned out to be a pretty good day after all, except for the blisters on my toes because I was wearing my boots. I wasn’t expecting to walk all the way to Central Park but when I got to Time Square I couldn’t find the subway because there were too many people (don’t try to figure it out, just smile and wave).

>Just hanging around

>Not much going on. I had a doctor’s appointment. My dermatologist so I left work early, got a sandwich at the deli and ate it in Central Park.
These are new, bleachers set up around Columbus Circle. I didn’t ask anyone, but I am assuming they are for the Macy’s 83rd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade since this website says the parade comes past here.

While I was at Columbus Circle I also took this photo. Trees already decorated for Christmas, well I posted a picture in a previous post. I took that picture with my cell phone which is not designed for night pictures. Saturday I am coming back with my camera, see if the “night” feature works. Tigger is coming with me.

Also the Christmas fair has started at Bryant Park.Em and I ate at this restaurant, and I blogged about it here.

That’s about it.

>Saturday in NYC

>Em and I went down early. Wanted to get breakfast at Pershing Square before Em’s nail appointment. We were a little disappointed with the service. All the times we have gone there this is the first time the service wasn’t great. What was most annoying was his other customers were getting great service.

I told Em, I needed more pictures of Central Park for my Facebook albums. So of course I forgot to take my camera with me. And of course I saw some very cute things that I really would have liked to take pictures of. Since I just had my phone, all I got pictures of were of me with my new lipstick. Which I got a Sephora, along with eyeliner and mascara (kind of a blue green color, which I haven’t worn yet, hence no pictures) and some hand cream and um something else I think, maybe not. Anyway, the lipstick is dark and purple-ish and I really like it.

Some pretty lights.
And this rather lame picture of Central Park after dark. It looked really cool in actuality.

And since I didn’t have my camera, which has a setting for night pictures, which my cell phone doesn’t have, I missed the coolest shot ever, which will probably never happen again. We were walking past the duck pond, and some ducks were swimming around and Em was telling them it was time for them to go home, I was telling her that they were home when she gasps, and I looked over where she was looking . . . and this raccoon was sticking his cute little head up from behind some rocks! He was close enough we could see his face clearly and there was a lamp post right there so the light was shining right on him. It was so very cool. And I missed it, the shot of a lifetime.

>Rounding out the week

>Em had an appointment to get HER nails done. So we were up early to catch the train. I took her to Modell’s to see a shirt I had seen the night before when I stopped there with Gwen. It is for Jeter breaking Lou Gehrig’s record and had his picture on it. I didn’t get it, cause as much as I like Jeter, I don’t really want to walk around with his face on my chest. Em agreed that was kind of over the top and creepy. Em did get a backpack with the Yankee logo on it. We went to the music store, where they STILL do not have Rob Thomas’ latest songbook. Then to the Yankee store, where Em bought me two (yes, not one but 2) postcards of Derek Jeter. I would post them, but I am starting to get the feeling that people are getting tired of my obsession with Jeter. Then Em went to get her nails done and I walked around.

The other thing she had planned to do yesterday we couldn’t because a piece of jewelry wasn’t in. So we went to Central Park, neither of us was feeling very well so we made a short day of it.

>I posted about the sidewalks near my office and someone asked, “If that is NY, where are all the people?” Something that I never thought about, but where I work, there is not a lot of foot traffic. Not like Time Square or Madison Avenue or even inside Grand Central Terminal or here!

This is the Farmer’s Market at Union Square. As you can see, it is very crowded. For good reason too, there is a ton of stuff to buy. Produce, flours, whole grain bread (including Spelt rolls!) and some interesting things which I can’t really describe and couldn’t take a picture of cause Em wouldn’t stop walking so I could. Well I could stop, she would wait for me but I am usually so busy trying to just keep up with her I don’t think of it.

We got a late start, we missed the train, so we didn’t get to the street fair. We went to SoHo to Marie Tash and had reservations at The Russian Tea Room and walked through Central Park. I will have to post the details tomorrow since it is very late now.


>Yes, Em and I went to the city Saturday. But to understand what happened, I have to take you back to Friday night. Friday I went to get my nails done. Em asked me to find out when her appointment was on Saturday. After I asked, Esther asked if I was coming too, when I said yes, she asked if I was going to get a pedicure, I said, Maybe. The owner came back to the table next to us and Esther told her I was going to get a pedicure when Em came in for her manicure! I was just kind of, well I didn’t really say that, **sigh**. When I told Em, she just kind of laughed and said, “It is so hard to say no to them.”

I wore my new sandals Saturday, it was ok, I have kind of broken them in. When they asked me to pick a color, I tried to pick a color as close to the color of the shoes as possible. I know they don’t look the same, I think it is because the nails are shiny and the sandals aren’t. We left the nail salon and headed down Broadway to Marie Tash so Em could see about the ring she is wanting to get. I also needed to get my piercing checked. We were early so on the way we stopped at the Strand. To get out of the heat and kill some time. Of course I asked about the True Crime section, which I was told is in the Basement. Of course. Well with 18 miles of book shelves, some had to go to the basement didn’t they? So I went downstairs and started looking, couldn’t find them, couldn’t find any signs for them either. Finally I asked someone and he took me way back into this corner and there tucked between ‘Journalism’ and ‘Law Inforcement’, was True Crime. It was actually a decent sized selection. Of course, I never remember the authors of the books I want so I was having to read the titles of all the books, I found Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit by Mark Olshaker (Author) and John E. Douglas for $7.00, hardbound, originally $25.00, so I bought it. About the time that I found it, Em sent me a text saying she was ready to leave.

We continued on to Maria Tash and got there just as they were opening. Em talked to the sales person about what she wanted. She didn’t have anything done then but now knows when to come back for what she wants. I had them check my piercings, which they said look like they are heeling like they should. I asked about the bleeding, they weren’t concerned. I also asked about a 4th hole in my ear. I am not getting that until all the piercings in both ears are completely healed. Even if it takes months.

Em suggested taking the subway to Central Park, yes I know, she is starting to scare me. We had lunch at AQ Kafé, I had Chicken salad, you know a salad with grilled chicken on it. It was fabulous. The place is definitely on our list of places to eat in the city. They also have a bakery there, that we looked at briefly, then quickly ran away. We went in the mall in Columbus Circle. The one with the huge naked couple. I mentioned to Em, that for a woman that size, her boobs are awfully small, and for a man that big his, um, well I’m sure you get the idea, she did! I got a skirt at Esprit (?), then we went to the park.

Then after the park we stopped at Talbots where Em found a dress on sale, then Annie Moore’s, she got chicken for Fred, then home. As soon as we got home, Tigger tried to take my book.

>After the game and today

>I am still behind on my posting. Sometimes I think I will never catch up. So we didn’t go home right after the game. I mean we weren’t planning on it, even though Em was up at 3:00 a.m. to come to the Today Show so Tigger and Fred could see Rob Thomas. Em had to tell me what her ‘brilliant’ son did. He was in the men’s room and the drummer comes in, asks him how he enjoyed the show and he says, “It was fine.” ARGGG! Fred was like, “YOU IDIOT!” Tigger said he didn’t recognize him. Em told him, to study the faces of the Fray so if that happens when we come down he won’t make the same goof.

Anyway, after the game we took the subway to Columbus Circle and then walked around Central Park, then we started down to Grand Central. We were on 7th because according to my notebook, there is a Yankee store on 7th Ave and I wanted to get some Yankee stuff. Like a red Yankee Cap(more on that later). Well we didn’t see it and according to SuperPages, it isn’t there anymore. But before we got to where it was supposed to be, we stopped for dinner. It was a nice little Italian restaurant called Trattoria Dell’arte, they had this cute little wrappers around their napkins with their name on the inside and we got to sit outside. So we had a nice dinner even if I didn’t get to the Yankee Store, that wasn’t there.
Today I took the kids to see Ice Age. I left them at the theater and I went shopping. I found the MLB store in the mall, it had jerseys, but they were huge, I think the smallest was x-large. Then I found the Lids Store and got a red cap. You see, the Yankee’s wore red caps at the game. I realize now it was for the 4th of July. I still wanted a red one. So I got one, rather expensive, and after I bought it and left the store, I realized it was wool, so I had to return it. I ended up with the game day hat, which is not wool, more expensive, and I didn’t like it as much. I might return it too. It is in the bag in my hatch until I decide.
The rest of today I just wanted to sit on my bed and read and play online, Tigger kept bugging me, to go driving, to go get him candy. Well, now it is bedtime and I still haven’t written my review.

>The best laid plans

>Friday morning we (Em, Tigger, Fred and me) planned to go down to the Today Show to see the Fray. I opened my E-mail Thursday when I got back from getting my hair done to see the following e-mail.

TODAY Show Concert Postponement ~ THE FRAY

Concert Postponement: THE FRAY

It is with sincere apologies that the TODAY Show announces the postponement of The Fray performance, scheduled for Friday, June 26th, due to the death of Michael Jackson.

I was very upset, when I first saw this, got as far as due to the death of and thought someone from the Fray had died. Then I got mad that because that creepy little freak had died, I wasn’t going to get to see the Fray.

That may seem like a cold response to hearing that someone had died, I am not really like that. I was upset when I heard that Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett died, I feel no such thing for Michael Jackson.

Back to Friday. We still went down to the city, just not as early and we didn’t go to the plaza. We did go to the Top of the Rock, since Fred had never been. It started to rain so Em and I went inside, the boys stayed outside and kept taking pictures. Em said, “My children are morons.” After we left Rockefeller Center we bought 2 umbrellas from a street vendor, then walked up to Central Park. We were just walking around, Em wanted to show Fred the Chess & Checkers House (mid-Park at 64th Street), when we got up there I started sneezing and wheezing. I told Em I had to leave there was something there I was allergic to. As we walked back down the stairs, Fred said, “Maybe these purple flowers?” I said, “No smells like white flowers.” Em turned to me with a grin, “I was going to say the same thing!” I can’t explain it, but years dealing with allergies has given me the ability to smell the color of flowers.

Leaving Central Park we went to Cafe Frida, but they weren’t open yet. So we walked to the Crocs store. Fred’s feet were really bothering him and he wanted sandals. After lunch we went to Maria Tash, by subway (can you believe it? Em went on the subway!) so I could get my ears pierced. This isn’t a great pic, I took it right after I left the piercing spa. My ears were still swollen and red.

>On Satuday the 16th of May 2009

>Em and I went to Manhattan. We had no specific plans, Em wanted to walk around the north end of Central Park, she mentioned the Museum of the City of New York. I love this city. Not only does it have its own museum, the department stores and library have tours!

When we got home, my legs were aching, so I took a bath, as I soaked in the tub, I tried to think of how I would describe this wonderful feeling of the hot water on the sore muscles. I couldn’t come up with the words, all I could think of was ahhh. I had already written some things down to type in here and after my bath I came downstairs to type my blog post, I picked up my note book and this is what I wrote:

I am stopping now to go to bed at 10:38! Can you believe it? I am so beat and I feel like crap. Good night.

When we got to Grand Central Terminal on Saturday we made our usual trek to Central Park, its about a mile*. Its a pretty normal walk for us now. Central Park covers 843 acres, which is 6% of Manhattan. The Park stretches from Central Park South (59th St.) to 110th St. at the northern end (2.6 miles/4.19 km) and from 5th Ave. on the East Side to Central Park West (8th Ave.) on the West Side (0.5 miles/0.8 km).

The museum is at 1220 Fifth Avenue which is between 103rd St and 104th St. It is in a part of 5th Ave called Museum Mile. There is where the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is (at 89th Street) and The Jewish Museum (at 92nd Street), neither museum is high on my list of museums to see. We had lunch at a place called Paola’s on Madison. Then we went to the museum. Camera’s were allowed, but not flashes. My camera has a museum setting but some of the exhibits were dark and didn’t turn out well. This is a model of the Half Moon, and cases were glass with black shelves, so if the item being displayed was dark, you can’t really see it in the picture. Some displays however, showed up beautifully. I didn’t make a note of this artist’s name, but he has done a wonderful job combining art and history.

We left the museum and headed to the West side so we could go to the crocs store. We had seen these tables set up before and decided they must be for a charity walk of some sort. We were right, there was an Aids Walk on Sunday between 8:30 and 10:00 am. We walked past the American Museum of Natural History located at 79th Street and Central Park West. We didn’t go in, not on my list of museums I want to see, but I took pictures of the outside, and a statue of Theodore Roosevelt. I also took pictures of lots of flowers in Central Park, Ballfields, Statues and the reservoir, where some of the scenes from Marathon Man were filmed. They are all in the side show. I took out the other pictures so the only pictures there are from Saturday. I also sniffled my way across the park. Stuff is blooming! Next time I will have to remember my Flonase.
*Distances in this post are approximate and courtesy of Google Maps.

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Six things that make me happy, unimportant things…hmm

  1. Tigger’s grin and Fred’s laugh
  2. Getting more followers and getting comments on my blog
  3. Going to lunch at Cafe Frida with Em
  4. Walking through Central Park
  5. Leaving the house with all my make-up on
  6. Getting to watch NCIS

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