>Friday morning we (Em, Tigger, Fred and me) planned to go down to the Today Show to see the Fray. I opened my E-mail Thursday when I got back from getting my hair done to see the following e-mail.

TODAY Show Concert Postponement ~ THE FRAY

Concert Postponement: THE FRAY

It is with sincere apologies that the TODAY Show announces the postponement of The Fray performance, scheduled for Friday, June 26th, due to the death of Michael Jackson.

I was very upset, when I first saw this, got as far as due to the death of and thought someone from the Fray had died. Then I got mad that because that creepy little freak had died, I wasn’t going to get to see the Fray.

That may seem like a cold response to hearing that someone had died, I am not really like that. I was upset when I heard that Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett died, I feel no such thing for Michael Jackson.

Back to Friday. We still went down to the city, just not as early and we didn’t go to the plaza. We did go to the Top of the Rock, since Fred had never been. It started to rain so Em and I went inside, the boys stayed outside and kept taking pictures. Em said, “My children are morons.” After we left Rockefeller Center we bought 2 umbrellas from a street vendor, then walked up to Central Park. We were just walking around, Em wanted to show Fred the Chess & Checkers House (mid-Park at 64th Street), when we got up there I started sneezing and wheezing. I told Em I had to leave there was something there I was allergic to. As we walked back down the stairs, Fred said, “Maybe these purple flowers?” I said, “No smells like white flowers.” Em turned to me with a grin, “I was going to say the same thing!” I can’t explain it, but years dealing with allergies has given me the ability to smell the color of flowers.

Leaving Central Park we went to Cafe Frida, but they weren’t open yet. So we walked to the Crocs store. Fred’s feet were really bothering him and he wanted sandals. After lunch we went to Maria Tash, by subway (can you believe it? Em went on the subway!) so I could get my ears pierced. This isn’t a great pic, I took it right after I left the piercing spa. My ears were still swollen and red.