>Saturday was a do-nothing day, I did get up though, even though it was a do-nothing day for me, it wasn’t for the rest of the household. It’s hard to sleep in when someone is building a shed outside your bedroom window.

It’s like this, D and Stitch are going to be working from home. So D wanted to turn his shed into an office. That means they needed a place to put the stuff from the shed. So he decided to turn the area under the deck into a shed and that area is right outside my bedroom window. Also Butterscotch had escaped. It was also graduation, Em needed to go to work and Fred needed to go practice (he was playing) and he was out looking for Butterscotch (Dude, he’s a cat, you won’t find him unless he wants you to). So I hollered at Fred, “Graduation!” He came back, they left, I went back to my room.

As I was on my computer participating in one of my many online activities, I got a text from Em, “Come to Dutchess Stadium”, so I got up, got my shoes on, went upstairs, looked around at everything, not quite in focus, realized I had forgotten to put in my contacts. I came back downstairs and as I was putting in my contacts got another text, “Nvrmnd”. So I went back to my room until I got the next message, “OK come and wait in the parking lot”. When I got there, I noticed that Em’s van was in the parking lot, this caused me to wonder why she was asking for a ride, the question was answered when Fred came out and got in the front seat, when I asked about Em he said, “I was using her phone, couldn’t you tell?” Guess I didn’t get enough sleep! He then turned to me and said, “I figured what to do with the Jelly Belly flavors I don’t like.” Pause “Use them as for practice swallowing pills without water.” O.K. then.

Except for going to Ron’s for lunch, the rest of the day was pretty boring.

Oh, Butterscotch eventually decided life outside wasn’t for him and came home. Only took him a couple hours.