>I posted about the sidewalks near my office and someone asked, “If that is NY, where are all the people?” Something that I never thought about, but where I work, there is not a lot of foot traffic. Not like Time Square or Madison Avenue or even inside Grand Central Terminal or here!

This is the Farmer’s Market at Union Square. As you can see, it is very crowded. For good reason too, there is a ton of stuff to buy. Produce, flours, whole grain bread (including Spelt rolls!) and some interesting things which I can’t really describe and couldn’t take a picture of cause Em wouldn’t stop walking so I could. Well I could stop, she would wait for me but I am usually so busy trying to just keep up with her I don’t think of it.

We got a late start, we missed the train, so we didn’t get to the street fair. We went to SoHo to Marie Tash and had reservations at The Russian Tea Room and walked through Central Park. I will have to post the details tomorrow since it is very late now.