Yesterday Em and I went to the city. Like I mentioned we went to Marie Tash, cause I decided to get a fourth hole in my ears. So for those of you who are keeping track, there are some of you keeping track right? I now have 9 holes. 4 in each ear and one in my belly. I saw a butterfly that I might get to replace the opal, but I am thinking of getting a different kind of butterfly. If I do, I will let you know. Anyway, Em ordered some jewelry for herself too. Hee, anyway. About a hour after, I was wondering why I ever wanted fourth hole, (truth be told, I am STILL wondering) especially when I put my ear buds in Owie! So I have been taking Aleve so I can sleep. My right ear is fine it is just my left ear that hurts all the way to the top. I think it is because of the deformity in that ear, NO, I am not taking pictures of it! I will take pictures of the other ear with the 4 earrings in it, when the swelling goes down and I get that cute little tripod Gwen and I saw at BestBuy.

Last year Labor Day Weekend was the first trip Em and I made to Manhattan, there was a hurricane that trip and we got soaked. We had nice weather this time. That time we went to Tavern on the Green and I took pictures and posted them here. This trip we went to The Russian Tea Room. That’s two fantasies down, now if I could only get a meeting with Derek!

This time, I took the pictures and made a collage. Since I now know how to do that. The pictures are also on Facebook and in my slideshow in the right sidebar.