I mentioned I got a Palm Pre Plus Mobile Phone, except it is a smart phone. So far I just love it. It fits in my hand nicely, has wi-fi and 3G so I can go online. It has an ap for Facebook and Twitter, I can sync it with my Google calendar so if for some reason I have to replace it any appointments I have put in it will also be online so I won’t lose them. I also can get all my e-mails to it. The only thing I don’t like is that since I have my e-mail and facebook and twitter, I now feel like I should lock the phone, and that can be a pain sometimes. I also have to carry my charging cord with me since the battery doesn’t last all day. However, I did find out that my portable, solar powered charger that I bought for my iPod, will charge it.

It came with this nifty little pouch, which Tigger insists I use and I am, unfortunately I didn’t have it in the pouch when I dropped it on the sidewalk. More unfortunately, Tigger was with me when it happened. I told him it was just a little scratched. He replied it was extremely scratched. Later I told Em, maybe he won’t want to play with it now. No Such Luck.