Em had her nail appointment so we went. I overslept so I caught a later train. While she was getting her nails done I went to the crocs store, my old crocs needed replacing, and while they didn’t have the same style this style will do. The colored strip on the shoe is sort of a magenta. I don’t really like it, but it seems to be popular right now. My sketchers are black with magenta accent. It was cold and it was raining, maybe it felt so cold because of the rain, I took 20 pictures of ‘Broken Umbrellas’. Hopefully they will be up on ‘Better off soaked‘. At least some of them, I don’t expect all 20 of them to be up. I took them with my phone, since I am getting a new one next month. Cell phones don’t like the rain and eventually it quit on me. By then Em had met me for lunch at Connolly’s Pub and Restaurant on 45th and 6th. They had TV’s on in the pub, 4 on a basketball game, or different games, and one on a hockey game. WTF? I want to see baseball!

We had planned to go to Maria Tash since my ear is hurting, but decided it was too wet and left the pub, made a brief stop at Sephora and caught the early train home. So much for exploring, my jeans were soaked up to my thighs, my heavy outer jacket was soaked, my thin denim jacket was wet in spots, and my top had some wet spots on it. As soon as I got home, all the wet things came off and got hung up to dry.

When my Dad sent my this laptop he installed Skype on it. I decided to try it out this evening and call him. As we were talking a thing popped up that I could click to take a picture, so I did. No this is not my Dad, this is my Mom, HI MOM! The elbow next to her head is my dad’s elbow. What you don’t see is a little picture of me, in the video screen in the corner there is a little picture of me, so I can see what they are seeing. Gwen came in while we were talking and said hi, for a little bit. Then we hung up. Technology can be great sometimes. When it gets waterlogged, not so good. But my phone did dry out, and my ear is not hurting so bad, I think it was just a little irritated. Nothing to really worry about.