>or maybe I should say disfunctions. This happened yesterday and I completely forgot about it while I was blogging last night.

Yesterday Stitch needed my car, I asked him while he had it to check the air in the tires and told him how to do it. When I got home, first they didn’t open the train doors for forever! O.K. it was only like 5 minutes but when you’ve been on a train for over an hour and you’re at your stop, you want to get off and go home, not stand there waiting for the doors to open! Then when I get in the car Stitch tells me he didn’t do what I asked for two reasons (1) he didn’t have time (big eye roll); (2) he doesn’t know how to do it since he has to watch someone do something to learn how to do it. Since he had never watched anyone check the air in tires (yeah, right) he doesn’t know how to do it. This led Tigger to say, “Don’t get married ’cause you’ve never watched porn.” Please say you get the connection so I don’t have to explain it.

So after the train doors not opening and me sending a text message to Tigger saying ‘Let me out of here NOW!’ Then having to stop to put air in the tires by the time I got home I didn’t feel like going to Allsport. So I had Tigger drive up to Ron’s. So instead of burning calories I consumed them. Got to stop doing that.

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