>but I just wanted to post some more. Problem is, I can’t remember what I had to say. I need to type my review of Dancing with Ana, so I can then post my review of The White Queen, tomorrow the contest ends. So if you haven’t entered, get over there and enter!

After work Nick and I went to Kohl’s (yes I know I was supposed to go to Allsport, I was too tired) and I got another pair of shorts. I also tried on this really cute skirt. It fit but it was too short. Tomorrow is the Loggins & Messina concert. I am not going, Em and Gwen are going and maybe D. Gwen wants me to use her real name in here but I am so used to Gwen, and besides you already know her as Gwen and that would just confuse everything.

I am now caught up with the number of posts for this month, I just have to post twice a day until the end of the month. With nothing going on, expect short posts.