It is weird but I can post on this blog, but not my book blog. I hope the problem is fixed by Friday, that is when I have to do the drawing for one of my giveaways. Every time I try to do something on that blog or go to my dashboard, I get an error message.

Yesterday we(by me I mean Em, D, Fred and I) went to the Yankees vs. Blue Jays game. D and Fred sat together, Em and I sat together (we got the tickets separately so we weren’t all sitting together, plus D had a problem with the tickets he bought) I took this photo with my phone, I don’t know why, since I had my camera with me(No matter, now I have a new wallpaper for my phone). The Yankees scored early, then the Jays got one ahead. Then nothing till the 8th inning. Em and I both thought Joba Chamberlain was not all we had heard him to be and were less then impressed with Hideki Matsui, so much so that when he came up to bat I went on Facebook and was about to type, ‘I am less then impressed with Hideki Matsui’ when the crowd makes the sound it makes when something is happening and I looked up to see the ball making a perfect arc into the stands. I almost dropped my phone, the guy across the aisle was high-fiving people and I think he injured my wrist. Then Jorge Posada was up, and he hit a home run too! Then they said the play was under review. The crowd booed. The umps decided it was a home run after all. Then the Yankees scored another run. It was Yankees 7, Blue Jays 5, the Yankees sent in Mariano Rivera and they won the ball game. It was also announced that it was Melky Cabrera 25th birthday. So our men (Derek and Mark) didn’t hit any home runs, but Derek scored the first run of the game and they got a lot of Blue Jays out. Since Joba wasn’t striking them out.