>I am behind on my blogging yet again. Summer seems to be a time when everything slows down, except giveaways. I have been getting e-mails for giveaways and it seems that I have no time for this blog. Not true.

First the giveaway, if you have never been to Bella is reading, and you like Philippa Gregory, make sure you stop by. I am running a giveaway for her new book, The White Queen.

Back to last Sunday, D and the kids went to a Star Trek convention in New Jersey. They were very excited because Leonard Nimoy was scheduled to be there and taking pictures with fans. Anyway, Em and I thought that since they were blowing off church to go to see Spock, we could blow off church to go to Manhattan. A while back, while I was reading Daryl’s blog and she mentioned the High Line (click here), I told Em I wanted to go there. She had heard about it also, but from another source (more about that later). So we went to the city and started the trek down to 20th Street and 10th Avenue. While walking along 10th Ave she mentions, “There’s Chelsea Piers.” We get to the High Line. It was threatening rain so not many people were there. There were a couple of nice men that welcomed us. There was much to take photos of.

(Yes, I am having fun with Picasa collage maker.)

Lots of indigenous plants and cool places to sit pretty neat over all.

It was then that I noticed that Em wasn’t taking pictures of the High Line. She was taking pictures off the High Line, toward the river. I asked her, “Are you taking pictures of Chelsea Piers?” One look at her face told me she was. Then when I caught up to her she asks, “What was that line Logan said to Barack?” Huh? “In ‘The Wee Small Hours’, when Logan and Barack come up here and Barack says the city is turning this into a park, what did Logan say?” Then I realized where she had heard of the High Line. From LOCI! These pictures are also in my slide show down on the right, along with pictures from the Today Show.
Then we walked uptown, thinking we would go to Central Park, but the weather had other ideas. It started to rain, and I do mean rain. We ended up taking a cab to Cafe Frida, where I discovered this wonderful Mexican Anisette Liqueur and Em had Flan. Then we went home. Cause we were soaked.