>It was a gorgeous day yesterday. As you can see, I was wearing my new sundress, I was also wearing my blue Croc sandals and nothing on my legs, glorious! When I left the house I put on my jean jacket. Em said I would roast, I said no, I’ll be all right. I was thinking of the wind, and the air conditioning in restaurants and the train. Em said true, then admitted she had a sweater in her bag. I didn’t roast, and I was glad I had the jacket when we got on the train to come home.

Em and I did our usual, have lunch, get our nails done, do some shopping. I had them trim my nails, I was having trouble getting my contacts out of the case, she was done before me so she walked up to Central Park. When I was done, I was making my way toward her, trying to get there, text her and take pictures in Bryant Park all at the same time. We ended up meeting at Rockefeller Center. Then headed back to Annie Moores. Stopped at a street vendor where I bought a purse colorful for spring, summer and fall.

This morning Tigger started bugging me around 9. He wanted me to take him to the Verizon Store so he can get a new phone for Em. I didn’t want to. I instead said I wanted to go to breakfast. We swung by the library first since my books are in, but they don’t open until 1 on Sunday. So we went to Perkins for breakfast. I was thinking about the library, trying to figure out if I would be able to fit in going there before church, and I started to think about that blog I found, ‘Librarians that say M__ F___’. I was thinking that its not hard to get Librarians to like you, just obey the rules, don’t talk on your cell phone or eat in the library. Be specific in your requests, return your books in good condition. Pay fines without complaint. Unless they are charging you a fine when you returned the item on time. I was thinking this as Tigger was sliding the huge ball of butter off his french toast onto the table (he was aiming for the napkin and missed) and was thinking as much as the library must like me, Perkins must hate me, butter and lemon wedges on the table, syrup rings, used tea bags on my plate, Splenda packets mysteriously disappearing . . .

I turned to go to the library on my way to church. I was looking at the clock and realized I didn’t have time, so I turned, since I was coming the opposite way, I was driving and driving and thought I had missed the turn, and then I saw the sign for ‘All Angels Hill Rd.’, yes that really is the name of the road my church is on.