>Friday I was feeling so bad I couldn’t even eat the soup Em got for me. I took some Theraflu and went to bed. Saturday when she called to see if I would be able to go, I thought I could handle it. So off we went. Camera in hand, torturing Em every chance I got.

And my first chance was at the train station, I did let her take her glasses off though. Actually this is the only picture of her. There rest are of the park and buildings and a husky with pretty eyes. Its all in the slide show, I updated it just now.

Had breakfast at our favorite spot, then went to Exhale where Em had an appointment for a ‘fusion’ massage, no idea what that is but her text message to me after it was done was “this was the best thing”.

We had lunch at Cafe Frida. I was waiting at the bar for Em and the bartender and I were talking/flirting, we got the same waiter as last time, as I was looking for a place to put my purse, he hung it up here. I hope I didn’t offend any Mayan gods!

The museum we were going to go to wasn’t as interesting as we thought it would be so we didn’t go in. We did see a photography museum, Gwen and I might go there when she and I are looking for something to do when Em, her and I are in the city and Em is getting her facial/massage or whatever she is getting.

Then later when we were walking around Rockefeller Center this guy stopped us something about filming did we see the sign next to the pink elephant and giraffe? No we didn’t. We are pretty sure he was a off-duty NYPD (He kept saying, we’re not going to run you in) He was a volunteer for a soup kitchen raising funds and handing out hats. Em’s is FDNY and mine say NYC in big letters and over that in little letters New York City. Oh and in case you didn’t go to the slide show, here is the dog with the pretty eyes.

So far we have attracted the following NYC males, a gay makeup artist, a short Mexican bartender and a psychotic NYPD officer(we think, about the NYPD part, not the psycho part.