and not just with my co-worker (who I might just kill before I leave work tonight). I was thinking I would start with the minor annoyances and move up, then I realized they were all minor. I mean, if they were major, they would be problems not annoyances.

The first is I can’t customize my Yankee blog. It is on and they have 3 different templates and no way to add widgets or any cool stuff. It is their site and apparently they want the blogs to have a more or less uniform look. I already found out they censor the language. **laughs** I suppose I could always start another blog with blogger and make it pretty, but I have no way of transferring my blog posts to it, or I don’t really want to try, so I will just go along with a Yankee blog with no cool gadgets. I will just have to dress it up with pictures of cool guys.

The other thing that annoyed me today was I had a blog post all typed out on my phone to send, I pressed said, I got a message that said there was a problem, try again, so I did and the message was deleted. I was very annoyed because I jammed my thumbnail last night and it hurts to type out on my phone. The train was pulling into GCT so there was no time to retype it. It took me that long because I kept falling asleep. I am now wondering if I should include jamming my thumbnail as an annoyance, but I don’t think I will, that is more like an injury then an annoyance.

Now that I start listing these things it seems there are not that many things annoying me right now. I can only thing of one more thing. Wachovia is annoying me. I had insufficient fund fees over $200 last month (this week). What really annoys me, is I went to get cash Monday and I checked the balance first, the ATM showed a balance of around $80 dollars. So I got $20 out, one of the overdraft charges is for that withdrawal, it seems at that point I was already overdrawn. If the ATM had showed a negative balance, I wouldn’t have gotten money out. I hate Wachovia. I used to think they were an O.K. bank. Now I hate them.

That seems to be it. I can’t think of anything else bothering me, and now that I have written this out, these things are no longer bothering me. My blog is my therapist.