>No not a new feature. Just my observations.

It is Christmas. For the record, I don’t celebrate Christmas. But I love to shop and this time of year is great for shopping, especially in New York. For one thing the holiday fairs. One is in Grand Central Terminal and another is in Bryant Park. At the one in Bryant Park is the booth pictured at right. I don’t know what the name means, but in this booth they are selling bags made from candy wrappers and pages from magazines. I am sure if you went on the website for them (which I haven’t done since I don’t really care) they would explain the whole process.

I bought this little bag, it is the perfect size for my camera and since I just bought a larger pocket book (so I could carry my Sony reader), it fits in there. The only thing I didn’t like, was I was here with Em and there was one in purple. I didn’t have enough money so I didn’t get one, when I came back there were no more purple ones.

There was also this place called Om Aroma & Co., Transform your skin the organic way. Em bought this hand cream that was oh, exquisite.

Another thing I like about shopping in New York at Christmas time is that for me, no parking issues! I also like the lights. They are pretty.