>The text messages started at 8:06 am:
Gwen: u up? no1 els is 😦 im lonely, n i cant slep nemor 😦

Me: I’m awake

Gwen: u doin nething rite now? im just curious cuz i cant do my chores til othr ppl r up so im bored n lonely

Me: Just lying in bed cause its cold

Gwen: im sry ur cld

Me: K

Gwen: u kno watl warm us up? cleaning the basement. n no1 can cumplan cuz they cant hear us dwn there. u think is good idea?

For the record, I didn’t say I was cold I said it was cold, I didn’t need to warm up because I was in my nice warm bed and had no intention of getting out from under my blankets! I was also having cramps. However, I hate saying no to any of them so she came downstairs, I got up and threw my navy sweatpants on so now I have dark blue lint on my gray tights. Yes I wore my tights to bed, they kept my legs warm!

It was nasty out today. Icing conditions so our meeting was cancelled. Next Friday is supposed to be nice, which will work out good for Em and I going to see Rob Thomas. December is turning out to be a good month!