>Ever have a busy day that you didn’t seem to have anything to show for it?

Saturday seems like that, like I was going all day and now I can’t remember what I did. I know I did some shopping and got my hair cut, but what else? Let’s see, trying not delve into minutia of my day. I went to get coffee and apple fritter, then I went to Target, I stopped to get my hair cut after Target I went to Allsport to work out. Before I started to work out I discovered I needed a feminine care product, which I then realized I did not have. I realized this after frantically searching through my gym bag. They have dispensers in the bathroom to buy this product, I put a quarter in and didn’t get anything. So I put everything back into my gym bag and went home to get some. The creepy guy was at the front desk so I didn’t tell anyone about losing a quarter.

Traffic was slow on 52 after I got home and got my ‘personal things’ and was getting ready to leave D said, “You want to go out with 84 the way it is?” I left for two reasons, (1) I was not going on 84, (2) I had to go to Allsport, it wasn’t a choice. But the problem on 84 explains why the traffic was slow on 52, but it wasn’t bad going up to Allsport. Then I remembered I had forgotten to go to Office Depot, I wanted to get something to put my autographed picture in.

Now I know why I was busy all day and feel like I got nothing done, I kept having to backtrack and repeat trips! However I did get everything done that I wanted to get done.