>yesterday I was thinking about what I was going to post, I was ‘writing’ it in my head. Then when I came to post, I completely forgot about it. Then I remembered.

Those of you who have been following my life story (besides deserving a medal for perseverance) know that I have had my ears pierced 4 times. As in four separate holes. You also know that the fourth hole has been giving me trouble. Yesterday it was cold so I wore my headband, at the end of the day, when Em and I were leaving the grocery store, my ears were really bothering me. I mentioned to Em that I was seriously considering taking out the fourth earring and letting the holes heal over and just forgetting about it. She said, yes you could do that, but you paid all that money to get them pierced. I added, and my ears look so cute with the little diamonds in them! Then when I went to take my shower, I took the diamonds in the fourth hole out so my hair wouldn’t catch on them and pull, and the hole in my left ear started bleeding again! Sigh.

Today was not as cold, but it was windy! I thought this jacket might be too warm to wear today since the temperature was in the 60’s, but with the wind, it was perfect.