>After I dragged myself out of bed(after my migraine yesterday), the first thing I see is my little lion, (aka Butterscotch) hacking up a hairball. There are two things guaranteed to make me gag, hack and puke. One is a full blown migraine with no meds, the other is cleaning up a freshly hacked up hairball.

Then after some back and forth with the kids about laundry and this and that, Tigger asked to go driving. We drove around the block a few times, he practiced three point turns, I wanted to go to Ron’s but it was too early. He wanted to go someplace else to drive, lets face it, driving around the development is rather boring. So we went to the train station. Where I showed Tigger how to parallel park. One time. That was all it took.

However, he cannot pull into a space to save his life. He can back in with no problem, pulling in, over the line every time.