>Em and I went to Manhattan again. Gwen and Tigger went with us. Originally Em was going to get a facial at Lancôme but Leonardo is no longer there so she decided not to get a facial there. I had an appointment to get my nails done so Gwen and I went there, she got a manicure also. Em and Tigger went shopping, she wanted to get D some shirts for Puerto Rico, they are leaving Tuesday.

After Gwen and I were done we headed up Madison toward to Central Park. I forgot my sunglasses so we walked over to 5th Avenue to find a street vendor. Gwen loves street vendors, I thought we were going to have to stop at everyone we saw. We got sunglasses and watches, she got a big digital diver’s watch, I got a little black bracelet watch. Emphasis on little, it fits my wrist.

We had lunch then continued on to Central Park. Em told me they were on the West Side of the park so we went over to 6th Ave. I was getting ready to head for 7th Avenue when she asked me where we were, she said they were going to be coming out at the 5th Avenue exit. They were on the East Side of the park.

When we got to the park, we saw the carriages, Gwen was excited, she also loves horses and wanted to go on a ride, I didn’t tell her that Em and I had already discussed this and were planning on it. So after several text messages back and forth and having to find a bathroom for Tigger (Em and he did), we were waiting by the vendors and I was getting annoyed at the guy who wanted to sketch me, “Only 7 minutes!” Em calls, “Where are you?”, “Waiting by the carriages across from the big statue in front of some street vendors.” “Where are you exactly?” “Near the scary gold lady.” She starts laughing, I thought because of what I said, actually it was because she was on the other side of the scary gold lady. Tigger took a picture of her. I will have to have him send it to me.

The ride was nice, the driver was chatty and funny. Then we went to the zoo, but didn’t go in, decided the price wasn’t worth it. So we went in the gift shop and spent a bunch of money there. I got Em a stained glass box with 3 votive holders in it, she got a snow leopard for Stitch and I got a Tamarin for Tigger. A stuffed one, not a real one.

We had dinner at our regular spot, then rushed to get home cause Gwen was tired and grumpy. After she had a nap on the train, she was in a much better mood. Tigger fell asleep too, right on my arm. We stopped at Ron’s, it is open now, unfortunately Ron is still not able to walk. Maybe by summer. When we got home, Em realized that they hadn’t got anything for Fred, so she gave him the squirrel she bought while she and Tigger were in the park. They had named him Beauregard.

I took pictures, but I am too tired now to put them in a side show.